Seventh-day Adventist Church Of
Cape Coral

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The Ministries of our Church
Volunteer ministries are the life blood of this church.  You will want to become involved where your spiritual needs can be fulfilled and where you can share what God has done in your life.  Whether it is joining in community service or becoming part of the youth group we want you to find a place to serve and a place to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Let us help you discover how you might become "the right person in the right place for the right reason."

Listed below are just some of the volunteer opportunities available,  just contact us to find out more information.

Ministry placement                                         Choristers

Helping with children’s classes                  Communications/P.R.

PowerPoint team                                           Teaching youth

Health ministries                                             Special music

Developing a children’s chorale                  Youth events: AYS            

Instrument for worship service                    Hosting a small group

Pathfinders youth club                                     Photography

CD/DVD Ministry                                             "Go Free" Christian Recovery/12 Step

Bible Studies                                                     Prayer Ministry

Welcome/guest ministry
                                  Adventist Community Services: Food Pantry or Thrift Shop

Radio ministry (under developement)